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Narratio persecutionis adversus Christianos excitatae in variis Japoniae regnis

The first edition was published anonymously in Rome in 1635 ("mainly the work of Ferreira and is in fact sometimes quoted under his name, see Sommervogel (Bibliothèque de la Compagnie de Jésus, Brussels, III, col. 681-2)" excerpt from Hubert Cieslik, The Case of Christovão Ferreira, Monumenta Niponica, vol. 29, no. 1, Spring 1974). After the publication of this latin edition, a French edition was published in Paris, 1635. FIRST LATIN EDITION. SCARCE. Translated from the Italian by Jean Bolland.; Depicts the martyrdom against Christians in Japan from 1628-1630. Christovão Ferreira (1580-1654) was a Portuguese Jesuit missionary that went to Japan in 1609, in 1633 he was tortured by the Japanese and apostatized, converted to Zen Buddhism and changed his name to Sawano Chuan. In 1952 he was condemned to death in the pit for renouncing his faith.

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