Later Chinese Porcelain: The Ch’ing Dynasty (1644-1912)

Jenyns, Soame

This book is devoted less to the familiar famille verte and famille rose which were largely export wares made specially European market than to the wares of the same period in the true Chinese taste.

When it was first published in 1951 interest in the latter wares, which were not on the whole well represented in western collections, was limited, but it was stimulated first by the great Burlington House exhibition in 1935 and since then by the display of the imperial collections in the National Palace Museum in Taiwan, which have become well known to western connoisseurs. Ch'ing porcelain in the Chinese taste is now better know and appreciated than ever before. Mr. Jenyn's pioneer work must have played no small part in bringing to the study of Chinese porcelain a greater appreciation in the west of the finest porcelain of the Ch'ing dynasty. His book still remains the only major work dealing with this subject. For this, the fourth edition, the text has been revised and brought up to date and there are two new colour plates, bringing the total to eight.

Published by Faber and Faber Limited, London, 1951

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