Unearthed: Twentieth-Century Ceramic Art from Portugal

Pedro Moura Carvalho

The Book

In a country known for its lively azulejos (tiles) and clay crafts, local studio pottery has remained practically unknown, yet throughout last century, a considerable number of potters and visual artists – from Portugal, as well as Germany, Hungary, Brazil, and Mozambique, among other countries – have created an original corpus of work. Based on what is probably the most comprehensive collection of local ceramic art of the twentieth century, this publication discusses, with great detail, the work/craftsmanship of thirty potters. The book, illustrated with around 300 ceramic pieces, covers the entire century and gives particular emphasis to the 1950s and 1960s, when interest for the discipline peaked and when the state, the Catholic Church and private patrons commissioned significant artworks.

This is the first seminal study of such an eclectic production, aiming to become a standard reference to the general public, collectors and museum curators.

The Author

Pedro Moura Carvalho has an MA and a Ph.D. from the School of Oriental and African Studies, University of London. He has served as deputy director at the Asian Art Museum, San Francisco, and deputy director of the Asian Civilisations Museum, Singapore. Previously, he taught at Universidade Católica, Lisbon, and was a post-doctoral Aga Khan fellow at Harvard University. He has curated exhibitions in Lisbon, London, Seoul, Boston, Singapore and San Francisco and has published extensively. Among his books are Science & Wonder in 16th Century Goa: Garcia de Orta and the Kunstkammer (Parma, 2017); Mir’at al-quds (Mirror of Holiness): A Life of Christ for Emperor Akbar (Leiden/Boston, 2012); Gems and Jewels of Mughal India (London, 2010); Luxury for Export. Artistic Exchange Between India and Portugal around 1600 (Pittsburgh, 2008). He is the editor and main author of The World of Lacquer; 2000 Years of History (Lisbon, 2001), editor of Collected Letters: An Installation by Liu Jianhua (San Francisco, 2016), and recently curated an exhibition about IVIMA, a celebrated Portuguese glass brand, in the Museu do Vidro, at Marinha Grande, open to the public until October 2022.

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