Ukiyoe from Matsukata Collection

edited by Kyoto National Museum, Tokyo National Museum, The Kyoto Shimbun

Catalogue for the special exhibition held at the Kyoto National Museum, April 16 - May 12, 1991.

"Ukiyo-e is a style of art which was born, nursed and let to its golden age within the Edo period. Undoubtedly, ukiyo-e can be called a product of the Edo period. As is well known, the Tokyo National Museum is keeping an enormous number of ukiyo-e prints of which 'the Matsukata collection of ukiyo-e prints' is the nucleus. Not only Japanese but also the ukiyo-e enthusiasts around the world know that the collection of more than 8,000 ukiyo-e prints, which the prominent businessman Kojiro Matsukata purchased from the jewelry dealer Henri Vever in Paris is excellent both in quality and quantity. For this special exhibition 282 ukiyo-e prints were carefully selected from the Matsukata collection in order to display the history of ukiyo-e prints from their earliest days to the end of the Edo period." excerpt from Greetings, April 1991, Kyoto National Museum, Tokyo National Museum and The Kyoto Shimbun.

Published by Kyoto Shinbunsha, 1991 | Paperback

  • Language: Japanese text with introduction and captions in English
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  • Book Condition: Used with signs of wear. Interior in good condition. The outside text block shows some yellowing.
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