Treasures of Chinese Glass Work Shops

Selection of Chinese Qing Dynasty Glass in the Ina and Sandford Gadient Collection

Jana Volf (catalogue entries)

Catalogue from the exhibition held at the Winter Park Gallery, Florida by Asiantiques, 1997.

"This catalogue has been prepared for an exhibition of selected Chinese glass pieces from the collection of Ina and Sandford Gadient. The exhibitions encompasses but a fraction from the collection and the examples shown were chosen at random to represent a significant sample of the entire collection. It was therefore, interesting to find out that more than half of the items selected date to the 18th century or earlier in the Qing dynasty and that twelve of them bear a mark attributable with certainty to the Yongzheng or the Qianlong period." excerpt from the introductory text by Susie and François Lorin, Asiantiques, Inc..

Published by Asiantiques, Florida, 1997

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