Transactions of the Oriental Ceramic Society 1993-1994 Volume 58

Christiaan Jörg; Craig Clunas; Jessica Harrison-Hall; Alan Caiger-Smith; Rosemary Scott; Ernst Grube; Peter Hardie; Roderick Whitfield; John and Margaret Cushion

11 pages (Members of the Council, Transactions and obituaries) plus 94 pages with various colour and black-and-white illustrations.

Includes the following articles: Exoticism in Japan – Japanese Interest in Dutch Ceramics and Other Curiosities by Christiaan Jörg; Report on the Study Day on the 16th century Chinese Ceramics by Craig Clunas; Research Display on 16th century Chinese Ceramics at the British Museum by Jessica Harrison-Hall; A Group of Chinese Stoneware Sculptures Reunited by Nick Pearce; Continuity and Innovation in Ceramics by Alan Caiger-Smith; Decorative Links between Porcelain and Silk in the Qing Period by Rosemary Scott; Timurid Ceramics: Filling a Gap in Islamic Ceramic History by Ernst Grube; Summaries of Lectures by Peter Hardie and Roderick Whitfield; and Visit to Lisbon by John and Margaret Cushion.

Published by The Oriental Ceramic Society, 1995

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