The Tomb of Prince Liangzhuang: Treasure of the Era of Zheng He

Wang Hongxing (chief editor); Wang Jichao and Liang Zhu (contributors)

 "Prince Liangzhuang Zhu Zhanji was the ninth son of Emperor Renzong. He was made Prince of Liang in 1424. He died in 1441, and was given a posthumous title, Zhuang. Wei, one of his concubines, who was born in 1413 and died in 1451, was buried with him. Prince Liangzhuang's tomb is situated in Dahong Village, Changtan County, Zhongxiang City, 25 kilometers away from the urban area. In April, 2001, under state approval, archaeologists in Hubei began to excavate the tomb. After two years of work, more than 1,400 funerary objects, or over 5,300 if accessories are included, were unearthed. Among them, there are a lot of well-preserved gold, silver and jade ware, hair and cloths accessories, belts and Buddhist relics, surpassing relics unearthed from any other Ming prince tomb in number, quality and state of preservation. Many relics related to Zheng He's expeditions and Tibetan Tantrism were the first of their kinds ever discovered. Here are some important archaeological discoveries: 1. There are about 200 funerary gold articles including daily articles, accessories and Tantrism instruments, surpassing any other Ming prince tombs in number.; 2. Among the funerary jade ware there were 23 pieces of accessories, belts and gilded jade ware, sapphire, green jade and black jade from Hetian, Xinjiang.; 3. Eight porcelain wares were found in Prince Liangzhuang's tomb. Among them, a set consisting of a high-tray porcelain bowl with design of blue flowers and dragon patters, a gold lid and a silver tray with gold-plating is the most impressive." excerpt from the introductory text by Liang Zhu.

Published by Cultural Relics Press, China, 2007

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