The Powell-Cotton Collection of Chinese Ceramics

Gordon Lang

Catalogue from the Powell-Cottom Collection of Chinese Imperial and Export Wares.

"It was only since 1982, that the importance of the collection began to be appreciated and it was at this time that the idea of a published Catalogue was first suggested by the Curator, Derek Howlett. Margaret Medley, formerly Curator of the Percival David Foundation of Chinese Art, University of London and John Ayers, lately Keeper of the Far Eastern Section at the Victoria and Albert Museum were invited to examine the collection in detail; the enthusiasm and appreciation of the importance of this unknown collection by these two internationally respected authorities has contributed considerably to maintain the impetus of the project. In the past year Sonja Howlett, the Research Assistant in Fine Arts, has completely re-designed the displays in Gallery 8 to include Chinese Imperial and Chinese taste porcelains, blanc de Chine wares and snuffbottles, whilst the Chinese Export wares have been moved to Gallery 4 with complementary collections from Japan and neighbouring countries, also now in re-designed displays." excerpt from the foreword by Christopher Powell-Cottom, Chairman of the Governors, 1988.

Published by The Powell-Cotton Museum, United Kingdom, 1988 | Paperback

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