The Ceramic Art of China

Harry M.Garner (foreword); Basil Gray (introduction)

Catalogue of an exhibition of The Ceramic Art of China organized by the Arts Council of Great Britain and the Oriental Ceramic Society to commemorate the founding of the Society in 1921, held at the Victoria and Albert Museum from the 9th June to the 25th July 1971.

Selection Committee for the Exhibition: Basil Gray, Esq., C.B., C.B.E. (chairman); John Ayers Esq.; Sir Harry Garner, K.B.E., C.B.; Miss Margaret Medley; Lt. Colonel W.B.R. Neave-Hill; Dr Hugh Shire; Professor William Watson.; Exhibition catalogue to celebrate the Jubilee Year of the Oriental Ceramic Society, London limited to Chinese Ceramics, covering the whole field from Neolithic times down to the Ch'ing dynasty. The Committee divided the area of its selection into four sections chronologically but, when appropriate, overlapping so as to follow through each major ware across the dynastic boundaries. The four sections demarcated cover the following periods:  (a) from neolithic to the T'ang and Liao dynasties; (b) Sung and Yuan dynasties; (c) Yuan and Ming dynasties; and (d) Ch'ing dynasty. The overlapping is particularly noticeable in the two middle sections. In Section (b), the Yuan wares which follow the Sung tradition, such as the celadons, are included; while in Section (c) the Yuan wares included are the shu fu, blue and white and allied wares of Ching-tê Chên, which form the basis of most of the Ming porcelains.

Published by The Oriental Ceramic Society, London, UK, 1971 | Paperback

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