The Baur Collection, Geneva, Chinese Ceramics Volume Three

Monochrome-Glazed Porcelains of the Ch'ing Dynasty

John Ayers

Limited edition of 1000 copies of which this is number 188.

When the Baur Collection museum opened in 1964, few people were aware that this private museum housed one of the most important collections of Chinese ceramics in Europe.

Excerpt from the introduction by John Ayers, Keeper at the Victoria and Albert Museum, London, 1972: "In these last two volumes of the catalogue therefore our scope will be found limited almost entirely to wares produced during the reigns of K'ang Hsi (1662-1722), Yung Chêng (1723-1735), and Ch'in Lung (1736-1795). But few periods have been more prolific in invention: and to all lovers of Chinese porcelain these are familiar and evocative names calling to mind a succession of styles of unusual brilliance.(.) The present volume is devoted exclusively to the porcelains with monochrome glazes. (.) Their representation in the Baur Collection is one of quite exceptional richness and strengh. Shown here (with relatively few lacunae) is the full gamut of tones and colours that the 18th century potters of the Ching-tê-chên were able to devise, while some of the rarest and most prized effects are present in generous measure. Outstanding among the latter are the "peachbloom" pinks, pale "clair-de-lune" blues and muchfavoured soft celadon greens, the development of which seems to belong especially to the period about 1715-1745. This part of the collection may therefore be said to offer much of unusual value both to the student, and to the casual visitor."

Published by Collections Baur-Genève, Switzerland, 1972 | Hardcover - 1 st Edition

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