Spirit of Han: Ceramics for the After-life

Aileen Lau (ed.); Lu Yaw; Chi-Yun Chen; Abu Ridho; Eng-Lee Seok Chee; Rosemary E.Scott; Candance L.Lewis; Chen Huasha

This catalogue emerges after the exhibition with the same name that was jointly organised by the Southeast Asian Ceramic Society and the National Museum of Singapore, in 1991.

Focusing on ceramics for tomb furnishings made during the Han dynasty, this catalogue provides the reader with an insight on the confluence between utility and ritual wares. With introductory texts by renowned and learned scholars, such as Lu Yaw, Professor Chiyun Chen, Abu Ridho, Eng-Lee Seok Chee, Rosemary Scott, Candance Lewis and Chen Huasha, the subsequent catalogue is divided into five types of wares, namely Plain Pottery, Painted Pottery, Glazes Pottery, Proto-Greenware and True Greenware. It comprises more than 200 colour plates illustrating rigorously classified and dated objects, along with short descriptions, which provide glimpses into the culture and artistry of the potters of the period. The catalogue ends with a list of lenders and a glossary, and as a whole provides the reader with unique insights on the Han dynasty, which may be considered a landmark in the history of Chinese ceramic production.

Published by The Southeast Asian Ceramic Society, Singapore & Sun Tree Publishing Limited, 1991 | Hardcover

  • Language: English
  • Hardcover
  • ISBN 9810029616
  • 24 x 31.5 cm
  • 191 pages
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