Portugal na Porcelana da China

500 Anos de Comércio/Portugal in Porcelain from China: 500 years of trade (VOLUME I AND II)

A. Varela Santos

Volume I-ISBN 978-989-605-034-4, Lisbon October 2007.; Volume II-ISBN 978-989-605-052-8, Lisbon, November 2008.

Portugal in Porcelain from China: 500 Years of Trade, a multi-volume publication, is the long-awaited, comprehensive study of Chinese porcelain made specifically for the Portuguese market. Encompassing five centuries and first in its scope, this bi-lingual work, written in Portuguese and English, relates the history of Portugal's trade with China, through a complete documentation of the pieces of porcelain that were specially ordered by the Portuguese. VOLUME 1, including 110 illustrations, focuses on the first pieces of blue and white porcelain made mainly for Portugal during the Ming reign (1500-1650). Three informative essays by leading scholars compliment the study of these earliest orders; "1488-1497: Nine Years that Changed the World. De Bartolomeu Dias a Vasco da Gama. A Política Ultramarina de D. João II" by Dr. Bruno Gonçalves Neves; "The Portuguese and the Trade in Chinese Porcelain. From the Beginning until the End of the Ming Dynasty." by Prof. Dr. Christian Jorg and "A Brief Introduction to Herardry" by Master José Bénard Guedes Salgado. VOLUME II, with more than 400 pages and 330 illustrations, focus on orders from Kings and Queens of Portugal, Religious Orders and the Clergy, from the second half of the 17th until the end of the 19th centuries. The following eight informative essays by leading scholars precede the catalogue: Preface, by Prof. Dr. Joaquim Veríssimo Serrão; Carreira da Índia, by Dr. Bruno Gonçalves Neves; The Crown and Military Orders in Portugal, by Dom Vasco Xavier Teles da Gama; From private luxury to the public ostentation of wealth and power (Royal carriages at the National Carriage Museum) by Dr. Silvana Bessone; The Royal Galliotts in the Maritime Museum, by Portuguese-Navy-Captain José António Rodrigues Pereira: Royal Super-libros from the Braganza dynasty, by António Tavares de Carvalho; Ecclesiastical Heraldry on Chinese Porcelain Imported by the Portuguese, by Dr. Miguel Metelo de Seixas; and António Vieira and his defence of the People of the Nation, by Prof. Célia da Silva Tavares, give their important contribution to this work. Each piece is fully illustrated, accompanied by an analysis of the armorial of Western design, placed within the context of the Chinese repertoire of shapes and designs, and annotated with the latest scholarship available by A. Varela Santos, Dr. Lourenço Correia de Matos, and Margaret K. Cristina. This is an important work for the library of any connoisseur, art historian, collector or dealer of Chinese export porcelain made for the West.

Published by artemágica, Lisboa, 2007/2008 | Hardcover

  • Language: Portuguese and English
  • Hardcover
  • 25 x 32 cm
  • 712 pages
  • Book Condition: Used with signs of wear on the dust jackets. Interior in good condition.
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