Oriente: April 2005 - No. 11

Fundação Oriente

Several articles by renowned scholars in both Portuguese and English language, beginning with an Editor's Note, and including

'Curing the Body, Healing the Sould: The Jesiit Medical Mission in Sixteenth Century India' by Ines G. Županov

'Images of the Persian Gulf in Portuguese Sources, 1550-1600' by Rui Manuel Loureiro

'Angkor' by Manuel Magalhães

'Stefano Borgia (1731-1806) and Orientalism in Enlightenment Europe' by Maria Cristina Osswald

'From Ritual to Collection: Inspiration and Cross-Influences in Ceramics and Bronze in China' by Imma González Puy

'The Timorese in Portugal: Motivations and Objectives' by Célia Antunes

followed by sections of 'Book Reviews' and 'News'.

Published by Fundação Oriente, Portugal, April 2005 | Paperback Magazine

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