Oriente: August 2004 - No. 9

Fundação Oriente

Several articles by renowned scholars in both English and Portuguese language, beginning with an Editor's Note, and including

'Venus and Mars "à l'indienne": A Colcha from the Museu do Caramulo' by Barbara Karl

'A Concert at the Casa Garden' by Zhang Weimin

'The Career of Morais Carneiro and his Role in Reforming Macao's Status' by Maria Teresa Lopes da Silva

'The Rebirth of Shanghai' by Alexandre Coutinho

'Chala Gaya: Cartographies of an Inner Voyage' by Ricardo França

'My Own Private Mongolia: on Mongólia by Bernardo Carvalho' by Osvaldo Silvestre

'Manuel Godinho de Erédia and his Treatises on Geography' by Rui Manuel Loureiro

'Objects from Timor Lorosae in the Santos Rocha Municipal Museum' by Ana Paula Cardoso

followed by sections of 'Book Reviews' and 'News'



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