Oriente: The Divine in Goa; April 2003 - No. 5

The Divine in Goa

Fundação Oriente

Several articles by renowned scholars, beginning with an Editor's Note, and including

'The Singular Nature of Timor's Textiles' by Maria José Sacchetti

'Timor in Luso-Australian Relations: Menzies Effort to Persuade Salazar to Grant Timor Self-rule, 1961-1964' by Moisés Silva Fernandes

'Embodying the Divine: Religious Iconography, Societal Space and Political History in Goa' by Alexander Henn

'Festivals of Diversity - Festivals of Unity' by Robert S. Newman

'The Dock Warehouses in Cochim de Cima: Continuity within Portuguese-influenced Urbanism and Architecture in the Cochin Area' by Hélder Carita

'Macau' by Manuel Magalhães

'A Female Gaze on Macao: the Epistolary Journal of Harriett Low (1829-1834)' by Rogério Miguel Puga

'The European Musk Trade with Asia in the Early Modern Period' by Peter Borschberg

'Pornprom Chawwang and Nuchanart Jaiklar' by Francisco Laranjo

'The New Tradition of Manuscripts in Livro da Montaria' by Adelino de Almeida Calado

followed by sections of 'Book Reviews' and 'News'

Published by Fundação Oriente, Portugal, April 2003 | Paperback Magazine

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