Oriente: Outono 2008 - Nº 19

Fundação Oriente

Several articles in both english and portuguese language, by renowned scholars, including

'The English and Dutch against the Carreira da Índia in the West Indian Ocean, 1621-1623' by André Murteira

'Juan Fragoso's far-reachin examination of the exotic natural world' by Teresa Nobre de Carvalho

'"And my blazon...has a lys or in a quarter gules...". Camoço Pessanha and Heraldry' by Miguel Metelo Seixas

'"Jesus Never Fails": discovering Goa' by António Júlio Duarte

'Religion, trade, politics, apostasy e polemics: an overview of the Persian mission of the Portuguese Augustinians (1603-1747)' by John Flannery

'The forgotten library of the Isfahan missionaries' by Dominique Carnoy-Torabi

'The travels of a Portuguese surgeon in Safavid Persia: the Itinerary of Mestre Afonso (1565-1566)' by Vasco Resende

Followed by sections of 'Varia' and 'News'.

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