Oriente: Flowers and gardens in travel literature; August 2002 - No. 3

Flowers and gardens in travel literature

Fundação Oriente

Several articles by renowned scholars in both English and Portuguese language, beginning with an Editor's Note and including

'The Oriental difference in flowers and gardens as found in travel literature' by Fernando Cristóvão

'Traditional Chinese engraving' by Jacques Pimpaneau and Sylvie Gonfond

'Recovering Ceylon in the mid-nineteenth century: the trials and tribulations of a Portuguese diplomat in London' by Jorge Manuel Flores

'A brief examination of contemporary Dutch historiography in the study of the VOC' by Natália Tojo

'European proto-sinology in the Phillipines during the late sixteenth century' by Rui Manuel Loureiro

'Chinese porcelain at the former convent of Santa Clara-a-Velha, Coimbra' by Paulo César Santos

'India, 1997' by Bruno Sequeira

'The mangoes of Goa' by Fernando do Rego

'Missionary work and the Chinese Rites Controversy' by Jesús Lopéz Gay, S. J.

'Chinese Christianity as a marginal religion: Jesuit accommodation and the cultural imperative' by Erik Zücker

'Whose rites? Whose rights' The Chinese Rites Controversy as a clash of cultures' by Paul Rule

'The Koteda: a Japanese Christian family from Hirado' by Madalena Ribeiro

followed by sections on 'Books Reviews' and 'News'

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