Oriente: Timorese Ceramics; April 2002 - No. 2

Timorese Ceramics

Fundação Oriente

Several articles by renowned scholars in both English and Portuguese language, beginning with an Editor's Note and including

'The Ceramics of Timor Lorosae: Chinese artistic influence' by José Arez

'Jewels <in gold and stones from Ceylon>' by Nuno Vassallo e Silva

'Alcântara Storage Warehouses: the future Orient Museum' by João Paulo Martins

'Dissemination of Chinese bells in Southeast Asia' by Claudine Salmon

'The City of Nomads, Tokyo 2001' by Patrícia Almeida

'Parrots for China (Song to Ming)' by Roderich Ptak

'The circulation of musical instruments in the Indian world, 1500-1800' by Sanjay Subrahmanyam

'Elephants in Insulinde' by Claude Guillot

'New trends of architecture in Europe and Japan' by Eduardo Kol de Carvalho

'The Islamic heritage of Cambay' by Elisabeth Lambourn

'Manuel Tavares Bocarro and the Macao Foundry' by Gonçalo Couceiro

followed by sections of 'Book Reviews' and 'News'

Published by Fundação Oriente, Portugal, April 2002 | Paperback Magazine

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