Oriental Art: Vol. XLVII No. 5

Several articles by renowned scholars, featuring papers from the symposium The Religious Missions and Art, organised by the Amigos do Oriente, Lisbon in November 2000.

'The Migration of Forms in the Art of the Jesuit Missions in Japan and China' by Gauvin Alexander Bailey

'The Quest to Convert China 1550 - ca. 1650' by Jorge M dos Santos Alves

'A Safavid Cope for the Augustinians? Their Role as Political Ambassadors and in the Diffusion of Western Art Models in Persia' by Pedro de Moura Carvalho

'Christian Iconography in Chinese Porcelain' by Maria Antónia Pinto de Matos

'Missionary Reports on the Production of Porcelain in China' by Rose Kerr

'The Theatine Mission to Georgia: Cristoforo Castelli as Painter and Reporter' by Michael Rogers

'16th and 17th Century Japan Churches: An Intermingling of Religious and Artistic Sensibilities' by João Paulo Oliveira e Costa

'Ivory Sculpture: Religious Figures from the Far Eastern Colonies of Spain and Portugal' by Margarita M. Estella

'Sin Yubok's Women on Tano Day and the Iconography of Common Women Washing Clothes by a Stream' by Saehyang P. Chung

'The Bodhisattva-Emperor: Tibeto-Chinese Portraits of Sacred and Secular Rule in the Qing Dynasty' by Michael Henss

'A Pictorial Map in the Dongdasi: A Chinese Cosmological Representation of Islamic Pilgrimage Sites' by Jill Sanchia Cowen

followed by an exhibition review by Peter hardie, and sections of 'At the Museums', 'In the News', 'Symposiums', 'At the Galleries' and 'Book Selections'.

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