Netsuke: A comprehensive study based on the M. T. Hindson Collection

Davey, Neil K.; Winkworth, W. W. (preface)

 The famous Hindson collection of Netsuke, sold at Sotheby's in a series of seven sales between 1967 and 1969, is the mos important and all-embracing of its kind ever to have come up for auction. The sales led to a greatly increased international interest in this Japanese miniature art form.

Neil K. Davey, who has been responsible for the documenting and cataloguing of Sotheby's Japanese sales for over twelve years, has founded his book on the information he acquired while working on the items in the M.T. Hindson collection. He has supplemented this information with a considerable amount of further material based on other collections, so that the coverage of Netsuke is more complete than that of any other book previously published on the subject. He surveys 1,300 representative pieces in two main sections; in the first section the signed Netsuke are dealt with, divided into different schools; in the second section the unsigned and unattributable Netsuke are categorized by subject matter. Both are fully illustrated with over  1,200 and some illustrations of the artist's actual signatures. Full details of artists, schools and subjects are given. The introduction describes the general background of Netsuke and comments on materials, techniques and terminology. The book includes a glossary of Japanese terms, and an index of all known Netsuke artists, with facts about the type of work for which they are recognized and their names in Japanese characters, where the artist is known.; Reviews of the First Edition: "Such a comprehensive work with every item illustrated, some with signature details as well, will make this a standard reference for many years to came". Museums Journal.; "Mr Davey's book is more than an ordinary art book: it is a rich source of information and will be used by Netsuke collectors as an encyclopedia." Times Literary Supplement.; "The serious collector will find this volume a welcome addition to his library." Antiques Monthly.

Published by Sotheby Parke Bernet Publications, London, London, 1974 | Hardcover

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