Laca Namban: Brillo de Japón en Navarra

Yayoi Kawamura; Alicia Ancho Villanueva; Berta Balduz and Azcárate (essays)

Catalogue from the exhibition held at Museo de Navarra from the 29 October 2015 to the 28 February 2016; A catalogue for the exhibition held at Museo de Navarra from the 29 October 2015 to the 28 February 2016.

It shows fine examples of Namban pieces from Navarra, Spain and includes historical and artistic studies, including the relationship of this art with Spanish American pieces and the conservation and restoration treatments applied to the pieces. It includes studies by Yayoi Kawamura, curator of the exhibition, a doctor in Art History, Professor at the Universidad de Oviedo and specialist in Namban Art. She explains the genesis of the project, the characteristics of Japanese Namban lacquer, the commercialisation of the latter through the transoceanic routes and the influences of Namban art in the several arts of the Viceroyalty of Spain, an influence that has now been established and is being studied through the cultural patrimony preserved in Navarra, and is now available to the public in this temporary exhibition. The catalogue includes a new Namban piece from the Parish of San Pedro de Mendigorría, which has come to light because of this exhibition. In the following section, it offers the results of the conservation and restoration work done to the pieces, written by the restorers of the Dirección General de Cultura-Institución Príncipe de Viana, Alicia Ancho Villanueva, curator of the exhibition and chief of the Sección de Bienes Muebles y Registro del Patrimonio, and Berta Balduz, restorer of Museo de Navarra, who directed and supervised the work.

Published by Fondo de Publicaciones del Gobierno de Navarra, 2016

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