Indian Miniatures from the XVth to XIXth centuries

Skelton, Robert ; foreword by Archer, W. G.

Catalogue from the exhibition Indian Miniatures from the XVth to XIXth centuries.

"Drawn largely from the Panjab Hills, it reveals a strand in Indian painting the very reverse of Mughal. In certain cases, compositions and motifs derive from Mughal practice but the styles are neither delicate nor naturalistic. Colour is employed as a means to emotional intensity, shapes are simplified and there is often a wilful cultivation of the truculent, the harsh and bold. Particularly in the case of portraits from Mandi - here shown for the first time in logical progression and brilliantly identified - the figures are endowed with primitive vigour as if they awaited some stark encounter. In Basohli pirctures, large an eloquent eyes remind us of faces by Delvaux while, in a painting from Bundi, arms are as thinly attenuated as in a sculpture by Giacometti. Distortions of this kind are vitally Indian in spirit and they prove how close to modern conceptions are certain types of Indian art." excerpt from the foreword by W.G. Archer.

Published by Neri Pozza Editore, Veneza, Italy, 1961 | Hardcover

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