Illustrated catalogue of Ting Yao

and related white wares in the Percival David Foundation of Chinese Art

Hin-Cheung Lovell

Section 4 of the catalogue series depicting the collection of the Percival David Collection.

"This section of the catalogue is based on a thesis entitled 'The Early White Wares in the Percival David Foundation of Chinese Art', prepared under my supervision and presented for the degree of M.A. in the University of London by Mrs. Hin-cheung Lovell, formerly Miss Leung Hin-cheung. The degree was awarded with a mark of distinction in December 1963. Mrs. Lovell was educated in Hong Kong, where she read English and History at the University, and Graduated B.A. with First Class Honours. After service in the Royal Ontario Museum, Toronto, she came to London and was awarded a studentship at the School of Oriental and African Studies for two years, during which she carried out the research recorded in her thesis. The present section of the Catalogue includes some of the rarest and most beautiful objects in the Percival David Collection, though the number of items is smaller than that in previous sections. Knowledge of the subject-matter, however, has been considerably extended during and since the Second World War, mainly by Chinese and Japanese scholars whose work is not widely known in the West, and the collation and exposition of their discoveries have called for a longer introduction than would otherwise be required. Mrs. Lovell has clarified the problems involved in the study of the early white wares, contributed to the solution of some of them, defined the present limits of our knowledge, and suggested profitable lines of advance." foreword by S. Howard Hansford, Head of the Percival David Foundation.

Published by School of Oriental and African Studies, Percival David Foundation of Chinese Art, London, 1964 | Paperback

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