From the Dragon’s Treasure

Chinese Porcelain from the 19th and 20th centuries in the Weishaupt Collection

Gunhild Avitabile with a contribution from Herbert Butz

Catalogue from the exhibition at the Museum fur Kunsthandwerk, Frankfurt am Main, from June 25 to August 30 of 1987, and at the Museum fur Kunsthandwerk, Berlin, Autumn 1987.

The Weishaupt collection of later Chinese porcelains comprises some 900 pieces collected over the last 20 years. Mr. Weishaupt has been advised in his collection by professor H. A. van Oort in the Hague, the great expert on later Chinese ceramics. This book illustrates and describes for the first time more than 200 pieces, all in colour, dating from the last six emperors of the Qing period (1796-1911) and bearing imperial marks or marks associated with the imperial court. A special group are the porcelains from the lifetime of Yuan Shikai (Hongxian) and of the Republican period. This section is described by Herbert Butz.

Published by Bamboo Publishing Ltd, London, 1987

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