Fine-Enamelled Ware of the Ch’ing Dynasty, Chi’en-Lung period

Compiled by The National Palace Museum, Taipei, Taiwan, The Republic of China

This series consists of twenty volumes, illustrating the best specimens, selected by experts, of nearly 20.000 pieces of the famous porcelain from the Sung to the Ch'ing period in the collections of the Chinese National Palace Museum and the National Central Museum.

Each volume deals with a particular ware of the past and forms a complete system of its own, while all the volumes follow a uniform compilation and format. Descriptions in Chinese and English against the plates will be found useful as well as convenient by the readers. All the pieces thus illustrated and described represent the best of Chinese ceramic art of the various periods concerned and are mostly not to be found anywhere else outside the two Museums. All the pieces are skillfully illustrated according to the colour-shades of the originals. Apart from separate illustrations of the bases, additional plates were made of the bottoms of wares wherever they differed in colour-tone from the bodies. This is an outstanding feature of these catalogues which, while satisfying the aesthetic sense of the general reader, will facilitate studies by the connoisseur.

Published by Cafa Company Limited, Hong Kong, 1967 | Hardcover (2 volumes)

  • Language: English and Chinese
  • Hardcover
  • 28 x 40 cm
  • Book Condition: Used, Signs of wear on the front cover, spine and back cover. Some scuffs and minor tears in the dust jacket.
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