Ex Oriente Lux - European and Oriental Lacquer: BASF Lacquer Museum Cologne

Strasser, Edith (compiled by); Hinton, Mark (assisted by)

Catalogue from the exhibition "Ex Oriente Lux - Lacquerwork from East Asia and Europe" that shown objects from one single collection: the lacquer museum of BASF Lacke und Farben AG, based in cologne, West Germany.

The catalogue has 270 entries, depicting Chinese, Japanese, European and Islamic lacquer objects, namely Chinese lacquer wares, mother-of-pearl inlays, painted and incised lacquer ware, export lacquer, Europe chinoiserie, Europe without chinoiserie, nineteenth century objects and Islamic lacquer.; "Under its earlier name of the Herbig-Haarhaus lacquer museum it had become well-known internationally in the early Fifties of this century among experts and collectors alike, and has since been held in increasingly high regard and esteem. It is the only museum in the world which is solely devoted to lacquer art while not restricting itself only to products from East Asia but also ensuring that those from the Near East, India and, last but not least, Europe are accorded their due place in the history of lacquer art and the history of lacquer art itself." excerpt from the foreword by Edith Strasser.

Published by Christie's London and BASF Lacquer Museum Cologne, 1977 | Paperback

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