Chinese Porcelain in the Conde Collection

William Sargent

The Chinese porcelain objects collected by Álvaro Conde constitute one of the finest private collections worldwide. This publication includes texts by leading experts in this area: an introduction by Christie's Becky MacGuire, a main essay by porcelain specialist William Sargent and an essay about the business relationship between China and New Spain by Maria Bonta de La Pezuela.

"To visit the magnificent collection of Álvaro Conde is to step into a world many fear no longer exists: a world of cultivated connoisseurship, elegant living and courtly hospitality. Álvaro greets you at the door of his discretely chic, vine-covered house tucked away in a quiet corner of central Mexico City, embracing you with an enveloping warmth. Entering the small lobby you are already surrounded by charming porcelain treasures, but as you step into the grand, high-ceilinged main salon your breath is simply taken away. Packs of eighteen century Chinese Porcelain dogs cover French marquetry tables while other tables hold pairs of tall porcelain birds; massive jars with the finest famille rose enamelling flank wide doorways while rare armorial dishes arch across the wall above. (.) I know I am only one among many whose understanding and appreciation of Chinese export porcelain have been enhanced by knowing Álvaro Conde and his collection. Now with the publication of this book, the greater world of Chinese export collectors and connoisseurs can also enjoy and learn from the magnificence of the Álvaro Conde Collection." excerpt from the introduction by Becky MacGuire.

Published by Ediciones El Viso, México, 2015 | Hardcover

  • Language: English
  • Hardcover
  • ISBN 9786078310081
  • 25 x 23,5 cm
  • 317 pages
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