Chinese Jade (Images of Asia series)

Joan Hartman-Goldsmith

Contrary to popular believe the term 'jade' does not refer to a single stone. Rather 'jade' is an umbrella term for the two semi-precious stones, nephrite and jadeite. The identification of the stone is one of the major problems in collecting jade, the other being the determination of the approximate date when an object was carved.

In this slim but comprehensive volume Joan Hartman-Goldsmith helps to enlighten the reader on these and other problems. Her discussion of jade, jade carving, and the development of Chinese jade through the ages, and a short section on Indian jades, serve as a concise introduction to the subject for the collector, as well as for those who are contemplating collecting. Over 40 pieces, ranging from the neolithic period to the Qing dynasty, and selected from public and private collections in North America, Europe, Hong Kong, and China, are illustrated and described in detail to assist the reader in his or her recognition of the many aspects of this stone which held such fascination for the Chinese lapidary. Joan Hartman-Goldsmith is Director of the institute for Asian studies in New York and has written and lectured extensively on the subject of jade.; 'Images of Asia' offers a range of titles covering aspects of life and culture in East Asia. Each book in the series combines an introductory text, written for the non-specialist reader by an authority on the subject, with extensive illustrations both in colour and black-and-white. 'Images of Asia' therefore provides a means of acquiring a deeper understanding and appreciation of the region in all its diversity.

Published by Oxford University Press, Hong Kong, 1986

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