Chinese Cultural Art Treasures: National Palace Museum Illustrated Handbook

The National Palace Museum

"Throughout the past forty years, China's ancient cultural treasures have been carefully preserved. Those art treasures that were removed to Taiwan date from as early as the Sang and Chou dynasties, and as late as the Ming and Ching dynasties. These treasures, dating from every period in Chinese history, are of the finest quality. To enable both Chinese and foreign scholars to fully understand the collection, and to make connoisseurship and research more convenient, the Palace Museum selected a group of choice art objects, and in November 1965, published a handbook entitled, Chinese Cultural Art Treasures. Within a few months every copy of the first edition of the handbook had been sold. It is the hope of the Museum that this second edition of the handbook, which corrects those typographical errors that inadvertently were included in the first edtiion, will further expand the Museum's contribution to society." excerpt from the foreword to the second edition by Chiang Fu-tsung, Director, April 1966, Taipei.

Published by The National Palace Museum, Republic of China, 1971

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