Chinese Ceramics in the Avery Brundage Collection

A selection of containers, pillows, figurines, and models from Neolithic period to modern times

René-Yvon Lefebvre D'Argencé

 "Chinese Ceramics is the second of a series of volumes presenting a cross-section of the various departments of the Avery Brundage collection of Asian Art. The items shown here do not represent more than 10 percent of the holdings of a department which contains over 1500 objects and is so comprehensive that it could easily furnish all the necessary material for a detailed history of the evolution of Chinese ceramics. Our choice was dictated by two criteria: esthetic quality and historical interest. Again, we have felt the difficulties inherent in a selection of this kind. At the time of the international symposium on the arts of Asia which was held in the Brundage Wing in the fall of 1966, some specialists observed that a number of our best or most interesting 'pots were not on display but hidden away in storage.' Despite the efforts made in this publication to alleviate this shortcoming, we do not feel that we have been entirely successful. Too many fine objects had to be left out because they belong to the category of 'historical half-tones'; on the other hand, some significant but not necessarily spectacular landmarks could not be included." excerpt from the preface by René-Yvon Lefebvre D'Argencé, Director, Avery Brundage Foundation, 1967.

Published by The de Young Museum Society, San Francisco, 1967 | Paperback

  • Language: English
  • Paperback
  • 20 x 22.5 cm
  • 166 pages
  • Book Condition: Used book with signs of wear on the exterior. Interior in very good condition.
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