Chinese Art: Bronzes,Jades,Sculptures,Ceramics (volume one)

(volume one)

Lion-Goldsmith, Daisy and Moreau-Gobard, Jean-Claude; with a foreword by George Savage

The strangeness of Chinese art is largely a myth. It is no more difficult to understand and appreciate than that of the early civilizations of Europe and the Middle East, once the essential facts have been grasped; and it is characterized as much by its humorous observation as by its spiritual qualities. The authors here present an introduction to Chinese art, based on a representative selection of masterpieces covering a period of approximately four thousand years. The reproductions are accompanied by scholarly commentary on each of the four categories of medium and a detailed description of every object illustrated. A chronological table of the Chinese dynasties and a bibliography are provided at the end. Apart from their intrinsic beauty, these works of art constitute the best bridge to foreigners trying to understand China. This volume updates the first edition, published twenty years ago, and, by virtue of its new format, will be accessible to a wider audience. It will be invaluable to the general reader, and stimulating also to those who are on more familiar territory. The other two volumes are also available.

Published by Phaidon Press Ltd, 1980 - 2nd Edition

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  • 21 x 27 cm
  • 263 pages, 65 colour illustrations
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