Catalogue of a Special Exhibition of Early Ming Period Porcelain

National Palace Museum, Taipei County, Taiwan, R.O.C.

Catalogue from an exhibition of Early Ming Porcelains at the National Palace Museum, Taipei in 1982.

"The National Palace Museum takes pride to present this 'Special Exhibition of Early Ming Porcelains', comprising a total of seventy-three pieces, for the enjoyment of those who love porcelain. This exhibitions concentrates on blue-and-white wares, the finest examples of which are not often seen outside China. For a time, however, large quantities of this ware found their way into the old mosques and palaces of Persia and Turkey under the name of 'trade porcelain'. This exhibition also includes examples of the so-called 'Palace porcelains'. Since early Ming porcelains rarely had reign-marks, these wares are simply grouped under the category of 'Early Ming porcelains'. Monochrome wares in this exhibition include white, red and blue-glazed vessels. Each is special in its one way; a particular example is the white-glazed ware decorated with both stamped and painted floral patterns. The decorative motifs on this vessel are so subtle and evanescent as to be almost invisible without the aid of strong illumination. Another rare piece is the monochrome blue-glazed with golf-leaf dragon decor, which is an early example of the use of decorative gold-leaf.," excerpt from the Director's preface by Chiang Fu-tsung, October, 1982.

Published by National Palace Museum, Taipei County, Taiwan, R.O.C., 1982

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