Arts of Asia May-June 2009 Volume 39 Number 3

Nguyet, Tuyet (editor)

Main theme: Sir Percival David Collection at the British Museum.

Includes: New at the British Museum: The Sir Percival David Collection in the Sir Joseph Hotung Centre for Ceramic Studies by Jan Stuart; Sir Joseph Hotung: A Benefactor's Perspective by Carol Michaelson; The Percival David Collection: Towards a History of Acquisitions by Stacey Pierson; Some Notable Tang to Song Dynasty Ceramics in the Percival David Foundation of Chinese Art by Rose Kerr; Sir Percival David's Yuan Dynasty Ceramics by Rosemary Scott; A New Concept for a Classic Collection: The Ming Ceramics in the Sir Percival David Collection at the British Museum by Jessica Harrison-Hall; Qing Imperial Porcelain ang Glass by Regina Krahl; Beyond Orientalism: Works Inspired by Islamic Art by Lucien de Guise; 20th-21st Century Artists (Series 5) A Glimpse Into the Artistic World of Ding Yanyong by Raymond Tang; Saleroom news by Rosemary Scott; Book reviews by Roger Keverne and Stephen Markbreiteri.; Collectors world: Koshashin - A New Collection of Early Japanese Photography Captures a Moment of Change in 19th Century Japan by Tony Luppino.

Published by Arts of Asia Publications, Hong Kong, 2009 | Paperback Magazine

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  • 152 pages
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