Arts of Asia July-August 1985 Volume 15 Number 4

Tuyet Nguyet (editor)

Main theme: Treasures of Islam; Includes: Fu Pao-Shih, Founder of the Chinling School of Traditional Chinese Painting by Yang Ling; Treasures of Islam: A Major Exhibition in Geneva by Christopher Gandy; Marble Idols of Jaipur by Sumahendra; Coiffure in Orisan Sculpture Part I: Brahmanical Male Figures by Thomas Donaldson; Tak Hilltop Burial Sites by John Shaw; Bhutanese Handwoven Textiles by David K. Barker; Saleroom news: The Private Collection of Captain M. Hatcher by Colin Sheaf, Chinese Export Porcelain and Works of Art in London by Colin Sheaf, Japanese Works of Art in New York by Katie Williamson and Islamic Art in London by Julian Harding; Book reviews by Ursula Roberts of the publication: Han Dynasty Impressions 206 B.C.-221 A.D. by Virginia Dulay Hyman; by Subhashini Aryan of the publication: Buddhist Wall-Painting of Ladakh by Charles Genoud and Takao Inoue.; Collectors column: Fakusa: The Shojiro Nomura Collection by Gloria W. Lannom, Pearl Robe of the Emperor K'ang Hsi's Daughter by Mo Chuang.

Published by Arts of Asia Publications, Hong Kong, 1985

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