Arts of Asia November-December 1999 Volume 29 Number 6

Tuyet Nguyet,(editor)

Main theme: Jade and Hardstone Artefacts.

Includes: Jade and Hardstone Artefacts: New Finds from the Go Mun Culture, Vietnam by Christopher J. Frape; The Judy and Michael Steinhardt Collection of Chinese Textiles by Julie Segrave; Indian Textiles by Anamika Pathak; The Artist in Burma from the Earliest Times to 1910 by Noel F. Singer; The "Great Game" In Tibet: Early Twentieth Century photographs by Russian, British and American Travellers by Valrae Reynold; Warring States Treasures: Cultural Relics from the state of Zhongshan, Hebei Province by Rose Wing and Chong Lee; Saleroom news: Ceramics and Works of Art in London, Christie's on June 15th 1999; Sotheby's on June 16th 1999 by David Priestley, Christie's Tailand: The Treasure of Siam on August 7th 1999, Important Thai Paintings on August 8th 1999 by Sian E. Jay; Book review by Susan Munro of the publication: Woven Cargoes - Indian Textiles in the East.; Collectors world: "Jewel Power"-Himalyan and Southeast Asian Jewellery At Singapore's Asian Civilisations Museum by Sian E. Jay and The Museum for Textiles In Toronto, Canada, A Collection Of Tibetan Rugs by Tony Luppino.

Published by Arts of Asia Publications, Hong Kong, Hong Kong, 1999 | Paperback Magazine

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