Arte de Ontem e de Hoje

Ricardo Espírito Santo Silva; Eduardo Malta

Index: I - Jean Pillement, by Miahil Demetresco; II - The Statues of the Nuns of Arouca, by Reynaldo dos Santos; III - Chinese porcelain to European taste, by Ricardo Espírito Santo Silva; IV - The Portraits of the Sala dos Tudescos (Vila Viçosa), by Júlio Dantas; V - The Columbano Lesson, by Varela Aldemira; VI - Around Soares dos Reis, by Diogo de Macedo; VII - 8 Contemporary Portuguese Artists, by Fernando de Pamplona; VIII - 4 Letters from the Visconde de Menezes, by Guilherme Possolino; IX - Aesthetic Mission, by Raul Lino; X - French Gold Boxes, by Dulce Rumina Malta; XI - Affinities in Affinity, by Eduardo Malta; XII - A Portuguese Artist, by Fernando Rangel; XIII - The Most Notable Miniaturists, by L. H. Gilbert; XIV - Background to the Modern Ballet, by Margarida de Abreu; XV - How I discovered the Mother of Lupi, by Fernando de Pamplona.

Published by R.E.S.M., Portugal, 1948 | Paperback

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  • 212 pages
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