Archaeological Finds from Pre-Qin Sites in Guangdong

Peter Y.K Lam (editor)

Catalogue for the Exhibition of Archaeological Finds from the Pre-Qin Sites in Guangdong jointly organized by the Guangdong Provincial Museum and the Art Gallery of the Chinese University of Hong Kong.

Excerpt from the foreword by Mayching Kao, The Art Gallery, The Chinese University of Hong Kong: 'The exhibits contributed by the Guangdong Provincial Museum to the present exhibition are all drawn from archaeological finds in the last thirty years. Most of the major dwelling and burial sites have been included, especially the site at Shishia of Maba town, Qujiang county, said to have heralded a new era in Neolithic archaeology in Guangdong, is represented by no least than eighteen items. The exhibits from Hong Kong are primarily selected from local excavations, supplemented by a few examples of pottery and bronze collected by Mr. Raphael Maglioni in eastern Guangdong. Together these one hundred exhibits should be able to demonstrate the life of the Guangdong people and the level of their material culture in pre-Qin times. They can also serve as basis for the study of the cultural relationship to developments in Central China.'

Published by Art Gallery, the Chinese University of Hong Kong, 1984

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