Allen’s Introduction to Later Chinese Porcelain

Allen, Anthony John

Chinese porcelain of the period 1820 through 1920, to date has been the province of a minority of academic authors and a few adventurous dealers and collectors.

This misunderstood but fascinating field of study is now brought within the reach of the average collector. Written with interests of novice collectors and dealers in mind, superbly illustrated in colour throughout, each of the introductory chapters conclude with suggestions for further reading, thus providing a fast but solid grounding for the primary focus of the book: dating of later Chinese porcelains. This book discusses marks, reign marks, footrims, glazes, bubbles, flaws and imperfections and other indications of a date of manufacture, including the contentious subjects of "hollow line" and the "reversed S"; illustrating in close-up many of the features used by the author to substantiate his assertions. Unashamedly provocative, Allen concludes with chapters on those subjects which most earlier writers have previously treated as "taboo", including "Modern Fakes and Their Detection", "Buying Tips in Asia" and "Recommendations for Investments".

Published by Allen's Enterprises Ltd, New Zealand, 1996 | Hardcover (with dust jacket)

  • Language: English
  • Hardcover
  • ISBN 0473038366
  • 22 x 31 cm
  • 222 pages
  • Book Condition: Used with minor signs of wear. Front cover slightly faded on top.
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