Allen’s Authentication of Later Chinese Porcelain (1796AD - 1999AD)

Allen, Anthony John

Allen's Authentication of Later Chinese Porcelain continues on from the earlier Allen's Introduction to Later Chinese Porcelain, in a more detailed examination of aspects of dating; providing even the novice collector or dealer with information, dating techniques and illustrations, which would otherwise take yours to learn.

The focus of the work is primarily on the dating of porcelain made between the beginning of the Jiaqing reign in 1796AD, and ending in the penultimate year of the 20th century, 1999. As many of the porcelains made in this 200 year period were copies of earlier periods, there are also a number of illustrations of genuine porcelain and pottery pieces made in the late Ming and earlier Qing dynasties, i.e., prior to 1796AD. Progressing chronologically through the late Qing dynasty reigns of Jianqing through Xuantong, this book examines porcelain of the Republic period (1912 to 1949), and then the Mao and post-Mao period of the People's Republic of China; before concluding with a preliminary look at the dating of Chinese redwares, and details of the author's visit to Jingdezhen in 1998. With over 480 full colour illustrations, not only of the items but their backs and undersides, close-ups of marks, footrims and glazes, this book was the most detailed English language text to on the dating of Chinese porcelain of this period at the time it was published. The author's often blunt and provocative commentary will undoubtedly offend some quarters of the Asian art world. But collectors for generations to come will thank him for his advice on detecting the bane of every collector«s life - the Chinese porcelain fake made intentionally to deceive.

Published by Allen's Enterprises Ltd, New Zealand, 2000 | Hardcover (with dust jacket)

  • Language: English
  • Hardcover
  • ISBN 0473065827
  • 22 x 31 cm
  • 264 pages
  • Book Condition: Used with minor signs of wear. Interior as new.
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