Exhibition & Catalogue

Porcelain People: Figures from the Qing Dynasty

London Gallery 30 Oct — 6 Nov | Lisbon Gallery 26 Nov — 16 Dec

This year we celebrate our 35th anniversary with the exhibition, Porcelain People: Figures from the Qing Dynasty, which explores the range and virtuosity of the representation of the human figure in Chinese porcelain.

Showcasing objects made in the three successive reigns of Kangxi (1662–1722), Yongzheng (1723–1735) and Qianlong (1736–1795), the exhibition highlights the extraordinary ability of the Chinese potter to transform clay into intricate figures, bestowing on them the strong expressive characteristics and symbolic powers that have long been a tradition in Chinese ceramics.

Included are figures representing both Asian and Western people, which helped set the stage for a growing fashion in Europe throughout the 18th century for decorative porcelain figurines made in China.

The accompanying catalogue includes an article by Rose Kerr on the history and evolution of the representation of the human form in Chinese ceramic art.


Saturday, 30 October, 5 pm - 8:30 pm

30 October to 6 November
Monday to Saturday
9.30 am to 5.30 pm
Sunday by appointment

116 Kensington Church Street
London W8 4BH, UK


Thursday, 25 November, 6 pm

26 November to 16 December
Monday to Saturday
10.30 am to 7 pm

Rua da Misericórdia 43
1200-270 Lisbon, Portugal