Views of Antiquity in the Qing Imperial Palace

Special exhibition to Celebrate the 80th Anniversary of the Establishment of the Palace Museum

Zheng Zin Miao; Li Ji; Ung Vai Meng

Visões da Antiguidade no Palácio Imperial dos Qing: Exposição Comemorativa do 80º Aniversário do Museu do Palácio.

Limited edition of 1000 copies.

This catalogue results from the exhibition entitled Views of Antiquity in the Qing Imperial Palace that was held at Museu de Arte in Macau, in 2005. Jointly organised by the Palace Museum, Beijing, and the Museu de Arte, in Macau, this exhibition and subsequent catalogue commemorate the 80th anniversary of the establishment of the Palace Museum, through the presentation of 170 pieces from different sections of Chinese art, namely, bronze, enamels, porcelain, jade, ink stones, lacquered pieces, sculpture, painting and calligraphy.

The examples displayed are replicas of antiquities that testify to the artistic technique, skill and creativeness of the Chinese artists that were mostly encouraged by Emperor Qianlong (1736-1795), who was a great collector, and promoter of culture and the arts. The publication begins with several messages and notes by the editors and contributors, who clarify the exhibition and catalogue's concept and mission. These are followed by a preface as well as by an analytical history of the Palace Museum, which contextualises the formation of this collection from its foundation to the present time. The catalogue is divided into the nine referred sections, each of which begins with a summary, followed by the pieces of the section, each with an image or more, and accurately identified. To enable those to quickly refer to a specific piece, the catalogue includes a list of exhibits and terminates with a postscript by way of conclusion. The main publication is complemented by a supplementary catalogue, with small black and white images of the pieces exhibited, and translations in both English and Portuguese of the description of the pieces. This catalogue also includes a chronology as well as three small articles on the reproduction of antiquities during the Qianlong period, particularly of porcelain and jade.

Published by Instituto para os Assuntos Cívicos e Municipais and Museu de Arte de Macau, 2005

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