Transactions of the Oriental Ceramic Society 1977-1978 Volume 42

Laurence Sickman; John Carswell

17 pages (Members of the Council, List of Members, Transactions and obituaries) plus 74 pages (articles) and 10 plates; one of 1500 limited copies.

Includes the following articles: The Third Hills Gold Medal Lecture: Chinese Classic Furniture by Laurence Sickman: The Third George de Menasce Memorial Lecture, China and Islam: A survey of the Coast of India and Ceylon by Professor John Carswell; and Report on the Colloquium held 22-23 June 1978 at the Society of Antiquaires.

Published by The Oriental Ceramic Society, 1978

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  • Book Condition: Used book with signs of shelf wear and edgeworn and minor markings on the front cover. Good condition.
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