The World In Monochromes

An exhibition of single-coloured ceramics from members of The Oriental Ceramic Society

Rosemary Scott; Jessica Harrison-Hall; Stacey Pierson; Rose Kerr; Phillip Allen; Jean Martin; Anthony du Boulay.

Catalogue from the exhibition The World In Monochromes: An Oriental Ceramic Society Exhibition, held at the Brunei Gallery of the School of Oriental and African Studies from 16 April to 20 June 2009.

"Since the Oriental Ceramic Society was established in 1921 it has organized a number of exhibitions which have comprised, wholly or in part, material from the collections of its members. Coming into the 21st century, the society decided to stage a series of exhibitions taking as their theme the decorative techniques applied to Asian ceramics. The first of these exhibitions was held in 2003 and was shown in three venues - in London, Bath and Glasgow. This exhibition tackled the subject of underglaze cobalt blue decoration and was called "The World in Blue and White" . The second in the series was held in 2006 and examined ceramics with polychrome decoration, whether applied directly to the unfired ceramic body or slip, or applied over the already fired glaze. This exhibition was called "The World in Colours", and like the current exhibition was held at School of Oriental and African Studies, University of London, in their Brunei Gallery. The last in the trilogy is "The World in Monochromes", which seeks to illustrate the beauty, amazing diversity and technical accomplished of ceramics enhanced by a single colour, whether that be the exposed surface of the body material, a monochrome glaze, or a monochrome enamel. The exhibits range from extraordinary fine burnished black earthenware of the Chinese Longshan Neolithic culture (c. 2500-1700 BC) to wonderfully refined celadon-glazed porcelains created by Japanese craftsmen in Kyoto in the first half of the 20th century AD." excerpt from the preface by Rosemary Scott, President of the Oriental Ceramic Society, London, December 2008.

Published by The Oriental Ceramic Society,, London, 2009

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