The Toshiba Gallery: Japanese Art and Design

Joe Ear; Rupert Faulkner; Verity Wilson; Rose Kerr; Craig Clunas.

The Toshiba Gallery of Japanese Art at the Victoria and Albert Museum is the magnificent setting for a permanent display of treasures acquired over more than one hundred and thirty years.

The Museums superb Japanese holdings, stem from the international exhibitions of later nineteenth century and the great private collections formed in Britain at the beginning of the twentieth. Recently they have been extended by the purchase of several major pieces including contemporary works by leading artists. The is an unrivalled panorama of Japan's great achievements in the crafts from the earliest times, with particular emphasis on ceramics, lacquers, textiles, prints and metalwork of the last four centuries. This book, also generously sponsored by Toshiba, provides a record in over one hundred and twenty colour pages, with original and informative commentaries, of the first major Japanese gallery in Britain's National Museum of Art and Design.

Published by Victoria and Albert Museum, London, United Kingdom, 1986

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