The Art of East Asia

Gabriele Fahr-Becker (Editor); contributing authors: Gabriele Fahr-Becker; Kuhnt-Saptodewo Hesemann; Michaela Appel; Michael Dunn.

Magnificent architectural sites, paintings, crafts and everyday objects, sculpture, dance, calligraphy and poetry contribute to the gloriously colourful mosaic of east and southeast Asia.

This fascinating culture has expanded beyond its boundaries and has influenced western art. Starting with the stone objects of the Neolithic age, this book leads the reader through the centuries of Asian art up to the modern images of China. Sculptured tombs, porcelain, ink painting, the Forbidden City, furniture, lacquer and silk are all present in this work. Because of their special significance in the culture of eastern Asia, calligraphy and jade work are described in two separate chapters. The technique of textile manufacturing, to which a separate chapter is devoted, has an equally important influence on the whole of southeast Asia. Southeast Asia excites enthusiasm by its famous temples as well as by the long houses of Indonesia and the traditional buildings on the Lesser Sunda Islands. Particularly noteworthy are the performing arts, the wayang shadow plays, the ritual and court dances. Angkor, one of the wonders of the world tucked away in the jungle, reveals to us the impressive civilization of the Khmer, and in Pagan we are shown the largest temple site in the world. In Vietnam the strong Chinese influence nevertheless resulted in an original development with imperial city of Hué. Thailand and Laos captivate us with their opulent palaces and temples. All the richness and variety of Japanese cultures emerges in the architecture of the palaces, castles, temples, in the traditional methods of house building and in the principles of the Zen gardens. There is an emphasis on the examination of ceramics and painting as well as a demonstration of the significance of lacquer work, netsuke and theater masks. Sculptures, court art, samurai and folk art complete this picture. Finally the colourful variety of Korean artistic creations is illustrated by early objects in bronze and gold, typical stoneware vessels, paintings and precious gowns.

Published by Konemann Verlagsgesellshaft mbH, Cologne, Germany, 1999

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