Sung Sherds

Nils Palmgren; Walter Steger; Nils Sundius

"In 1935-1936 Dr Nils Palmgren made excavations in Northern and Southern China to extend our knowledge, by archaeological and other studies, of the Sung ceramics. He is the main author of the present work, but died before it was completed. At his demise, his own manuscript was fairly complete in form, but there remained a comprehensive task of revision and checking. This was committed to Dr Bo Gyllensvard (Head Keeper of the Oriental Museum, Stockholm at the time of the publication). His revision has concerned the concordance between text and plates, the arrangement of figures and reproductions, giving a readable key to the plates, and a routine check of the transcription of the Chinese names according to the Wade system. The section written by Dr Palmgren was originally planned to begin with the Northern material. However, before he died he became convinced that the Southern celadon material from Chêkiang was more important for research on the Sung ceramics, since this field had not before been treated more profoundly. From fourteen kiln sites around Lung-ch'uan, Dr Palmgren had himself collected a rich material of this characteristic ware. With some difficulty, Dr Gyllensvard has identified these sites and obtained their Chinese names. Following Dr Palmgren's wishes, the stress on his paper is put on analyzing the shred material from Chêkiang. Beyond the checking just referred to, no changes or additions have been made to Dr Palmgren's manuscript. Concurrently with his work, Professor Walter Steger has made the chemical and technical analyses of the sherd material at the laboratory of AB Gustavsberg Fabriker." excerpt from the introductory text.

Published by Almqvist & Wiksell, Stockholm, Goteborg, 1963

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