Snuff Bottles in the Collection of the National Palace Museum

Chang Lin-sheng (introductory text)

Catalogue from the collection of Chinese Snuff Bottles from the National Palace Museum in Taipei, Taiwan.; "The National Palace Museum's collection of snuff bottles is inherited from the Ch'ing imperial collection; most of these bottles were manufactured by imperial order by the workshops of the Imperial Household Department, while a minority were tribute gifts from various locales within the empire, or even from Europe.

Another portion of the imperial collection came from the confiscated goods of fallen aristocrats and officials; for examples, when the notorious Manchu favorite Ho Shen was finally impeached in 1799, his entire estate was confiscated, including the collection of over 1,400 precious stone and mineral snuff bottles, including at least 800 of white jade, 300 of tourmaline and 100 of agate. From this brief perusal of some of the snuff bottles in the National Palace Museum collection, exquisite in both substance and embellishment, it is not difficult to appreciate the accomplished hardwork and high level of artistic achievement prevailing in the palace workshops of the Ch'ing court." excerpt from the introductory text by Chang Lin-sheng.

Published by National Palace Museum, Taipei County, Taiwan, R.O.C., 1992

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