Reflections: Symbols and Images of Christianity on Chinese Porcelain

Isabel Pina; Maria Antónia Pinto de Matos; Pedro Dias; Rafael Calado; Teresa Freitas Morna

Catalogue of an exhibition at Museu de São Roque, Lisboa, 1996 focusing on Symbols and Images of Christianity on Chinese Porcelain.

In addition to their value as collector’s items, the pieces on display encourage us to reflect upon various cross-cultural exchanges between eastern and western cultures. In effect, they testify to divergent legacies and learnings. In technological terms, the Chinese world is clearly autonomous, although it must be acknowledge that some of the raw materials and colouring techniques were imported, primarily from Central and Southwest China. Even here, western taste contributed to the success of the polychrome decoration of Qing porcelain and, with this, to the technological study of new pigment techniques. But above all, it is the functionality of the pieces and in the taste in forms, designs and colours, that the influence of the West, with its customs, symbols and aesthetic models, proved to be the most emphatic.” excerpt from the introduction by António Manuel Hespanha.

Published by Santa Casa da Misericórdia de Lisboa, 1996

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