Oriental Art

Vol. XLVI No. 3

Several articles by renowned scholars, featuring papers from the international symposium The Legacy of Macao, held in Lisbon, Portugal in November 1999.

'Chinese Porcelain in Portuguese Public Collections' by Maria Antónia Pinto de Matos

'Macao as a Source for Works of Art of Far Eastern Origin' by Pedro de Moura Carvalho

'The San Diego Galleon, 14 December 1600, a Dating for Swatow Porcelains' by Monique Crick

'The East India Company and the Pearl River' by David S. Howard

'Blue-and-White Porcelain for Export before the 18th Century' by David S. Howard

'Namban Lacquer for the Portuguese Market' Oliver Impey

'A Masterpiece for Indo-Portuguese Art: the Mounted Rhinoceros Cup of Maria de Portugal, Princess of Parma' by Annemarie Jordan Gschwend

'News from China in the 16th Century Europe: the Portuguese Connection' by Rui Manuel Loureiro

'Macao and Porcelain for the Portuguese Market' by Maria Antónia Pinto de Matos

'Macao, Portugal and the Salem Connection: Harriet Low and the Peabody Essex Museum' by William R. Sargent

'Missions and Merchants: Christian Art in Macao' by Nuno Vassallo e Silva

'Delivering Threats, Threatening Deliverance: Forms and Functions in Indo-Tibetan Esoteric Buddhist Wrathful Deities. Part Two' by Rob Linrothe

'Issues of Authenticity in the Field of Chinese Painting: A Critique' by Joan Stanley-Baker

followed by sections of 'At the Museums' and 'At the Galleries'.



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