Japanese Export Lacquers from the Seventeenth Century in the National Museum of Denmark

Martha Boyer

This book results from an extensive investigation into the existing Japanese export lacquers in the National Museum of Copenhagen. The author begins with a short historical context, by which the reader becomes aware of the first and subsequent contacts between the Japanese and the Europeans, and the impacts and effects that these had in revolutionising global cultural knowledge.

Boyer then delves into the central aspect of the book, which is the amassing of this collection of Japanese export lacquer objects, tracing back their original provenance to King Frederick III of Denmark's Cabinet of Curiosities. A further chapter provides the reader with the technical development of the industry of lacquer in Japan, before providing a detailed description of the pieces in this collection. The book concludes with a short glossary of techniques, a chronological table, an extensive bibliography, an index and an appendix with two technical analyses executed to two groups of pieces. The black and white plates at the end of the book not only show the variety of 17th century Japanese export lacquer pieces that belong to the National Museum of Denmark, but also the diversity of techniques, shapes and decorative motifs that make this collection unique.

Published by The National Museum, Copenhagen, 1959

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